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USA Registration



Registration Information & FAQ 

  • USA Swimming membership is required for all non-Special Olympic (SO) Athletes or SO Athletes under 8 yrs old.
    • Special Olympics Athletes 8 and older have the options to be covered by Special Olympics insurance instead of USA Swimming
    • Special Olympics Athletes must be registered either through Special Olympics or USA Swimming
  • During "tryouts" period (1 week prior to session start to 2 week of session), non-USA swimmers are allowed to participate with the team and be covered w/ team insurance (ONLY APPLICABLE DURNING NON-COVID19 RESTRICTIONS)
  • After this, all swimmers must be registered w/ USA Swimming or through Special Olympics
  • Any swimmers not registered will not be allowed to practice or participate in meets
  • USA Swimming Registration must be completed by First Day of Practice.
    • Registration fee is $81 for a Premium Athlete Membership (includes swim meet participation) or $20 for a Flex Athlete Membership (does not include swim meet participation)
    • Transfer fee is $5
    • USA Swimming require that all payments to them are made through the club and not by individual parents
    • Special Olympics athletes without a current USA membership will not be able to participate in USA meets
  • Registration Scenarios:
    • Transferred Swimmer - $5 payment to JJSC (for transfer fee)
    • NOTE: Depending on swimmer current membership expiration, an additional fee may be required to cover current year membership as described above


Q1: I don't plan on competing in USA Swimming meets, why do I need to register? 

A1: USA Swimming Flex Athlete Member Registration covers your swimmer and the club under their insurance. This is a condition of our club's membership. Athletes without an active membership will not be allow to practice or participate in meets.

The only exception is in regards to our Special Olympics Athletes: All SO athletes over 8yrs of age are required to have all medical release and SO paperwork filled out to ensure adequate coverage. SO athletes over 8yrs of age are NOT required to register with USA Swimming. SO athletes under 8yrs of age are required to obtain USA membership. Please reach out to Coach Andrea Wilcox for additional details re: Special Olympics athlete registrations. 

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